Default Textualities

Default Textualities: for Lovers of Language and Pleasure

Default Textualities offers a set of 15 hand letterpressed pull-quotes from each song from ‘Light Sweet Crude: Act 1 Hybrid”. The cards are meant to to provide ready-made solutions to vexing and perplexing situations when solutions are otherwise not forthcoming.

Default Textualities Presents a heuristic set of 15 zero sum solutions for those who find themselves asking questions that elude answers, lost in that luminous limbo, the state of “being” or “falling” in love. It is in this state of un-rest that the lover searches for answers: where he/she is – perversely – the least likely to find them.

The trouble for the lovesick is that no conclusion can be drawn when the mind is spinning in overdrive. The idea is that the confused, forlorn, forsaken, forsworn or otherwise frustrated lover will overcome confusion and inaction by taking the ‘default’ position which the card is positing. Once the answer is procured, the hope is that the new ‘default’ position will replace confusion and inaction with clarity and action. For the brief moment in between the asking of the question and the receiving, there lies the new possibility that the mind can be open to any and all possibilities.

Inspired by Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’

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