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Vanessa Daou – Light Sweet Crude (Act 1: Hybrid)

The sound of Vanessa Daou is that of electronic eroticism. Though her seventh album had a soft release late last year, Light Sweet Crude (Act 1: Hybrid) is being reintroduced by a series of singles and EPs (out first was the Danger Ahead Remixes EP, then the Trouble Comes EP; later this month sees the release of a remix EP, Love Is War, and Revolution will follow this fall), none of this would mean anything if the parent album wasn’t such a sensual delight. And from the muted possibilities of “Trouble Comes” to the twisted spoken-word disco of “Danger Ahead,” intimacy is just a whisper away. Fans of the darker contours of trip-hop and the smoother ministrations of Sade need look no further.

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