She Owns The Night: Vanessa Daou Interviewed by Jonny Mugwuwmp for THE QUIETUS

“Cut to 2009, with a succession of always morphing productions exploring a weird ambient hinterland between ambient pop, jazz, soul and electronica, Vanessa returned after a hiatus, polymath-like moving into multimedia production, dance, computer coding and the release of her first self-produced album Joe Sent Me. ‘Joe Sent Me’ was the coded phrase used to gain entry to speakeasys at the height of prohibition-era America and her latest work is both more sonically sophisticated and spacious yet also more dreamy.

Each album has always had a loose kind of thematic concern but Joe Sent Me is different, creating a gently strange portal between now and then, constructing a distinctive world of its own but without sacrificing the depth of insight into what makes a heartbeat.

Musically, she takes some extraordinary leaps into the dark – abstract, adrift, littered with found sound and with an elliptical meditative narrative. This was immediately followed by a visual interpretation of one of the three sections and leaves me wondering what next, where now. Anything seeming possible…”

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