Weird Tales for Winter: Newsletter #10

“A collaboration between New Yorkers Vanessa and her then husband Peter with words adapted by Vanessa from Peter’s aunt Erica Jong, Zipless is a beautiful trove of sublime erotic electronic pop. And as anybody who loves pop music knows, there can be more subversiveness in the space of a 3 minute adrenaline shot of pop than in vast swathes of avant-garde investigation. What gave the album an edge was the sheer surreal intimacy of Vanessa’s voice and delivery – like an Yves Tanguy painting, every vocal shape seemed to take on an alien quality – strange and familiar all at once.

Cut to 2010, with a succession of always morphing productions exploring a weird ambient hinterland between pop, jazz, soul and electronica, Vanessa has moved into multimedia production, dance, computer coding and released her first self-produced album Joe Sent Me, a strange riff on the speakeasy that spirals into explorations of love and loss…

Tonight’s penultimate Weird Tale is a gothic tone poem from a wintry New York City- a blurring of song, poetry, sound with her trademark intensely soft intimacy. You can check Vanessa’s own web hub for the Weird Tales series here

I look forward to joining you at the witching hour…”

jonny mugwump

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