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Etienne Daho’s | ‘Corps et Armes’ — Deluxe Remastered

Etienne Daho's | 'Corps et Armes' — Deluxe Remastered

Etienne Daho’s brilliant ‘Corps et Armes’ Deluxe, includes our duet ‘Make Believe’ & 2 previously unreleased songs ~ Daho’s velvet voice is smooth-as-ever on ‘Evening’ and ‘Red Dawn’. Daho is a master of nuance. For a taste of the most sublime cerebral and sensual French Pop you’ll find, this album is an experience that takes […]

étienne daho présente ‘carte blanche’

étienne daho présente 'carte blanche'

étienne daho présente ‘carte blanche’ A selection of songs selected and compiled by Etienne Daho with: Peter Doherty, Antsy Pants, The Last Shadow Puppets, Vanessa Daou, The Wave Pictures, Jeremy Jay, Goodbye Simone, Jeffrey Lewis, Pacific! , Girls, Music Go Music, Dirty Fields, Coming Soon, Stilts Hook, Howard Hughes, Mr. Ward, Violens, Sin FAng Boil, […]