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Vanessa Daou | Consequences on YouTube

Open Magazine: Calming Park

Open Magazine: Calming Park

“On the occasion of St. Valentine, Calming Park once more illuminates us with its marvelous candles, but not only. Also envisaged for the celebration of love, the video clip of the new title by the musician Vanessa Daou, ‘Heart off Wax’, reflects all the magic of these fragrances. Sold at Colette in Paris and in […]

Valentine’s day 2011: Calming Park candles brighten Vanessa Daou’s new video ‘Heart of Wax’

Valentine's day 2011: Calming Park candles brighten Vanessa Daou's new video 'Heart of Wax'

“Calming Park gets enthralled by the spirit and the purport of Valentine’s Day, celebrating in music. Calming Park candles will illuminate Vanessa Daou’s new video ”Heart of Wax”, available from February 14th, 2011. Music, love and being with your significant other, aren’t they after all the real luxury? Vanessa Daou, the high priestess of all […]

Vanessa Daou “Heart of Wax” | Video

Vanessa Daou "Heart of Wax" | Video

Vanessa Daou – Heart of Wax

Vanessa Daou | ‘Snow’

Vanessa Daou | 'Snow'