Valentine’s day 2011: Calming Park candles brighten Vanessa Daou’s new video ‘Heart of Wax’

“Calming Park gets enthralled by the spirit and the purport of Valentine’s Day, celebrating in music. Calming Park candles will illuminate Vanessa Daou’s new video ”Heart of Wax”, available from February 14th, 2011.

Music, love and being with your significant other, aren’t they after all the real luxury?

Vanessa Daou, the high priestess of all things smoky, jazzy and provocative continues her love affair with the dancefloor and those more intimate spaces with the release of ‘‘HEART OF WAX (THE REMIXES)” PT. I.

Issued just in time for Valentine’s Day and hot on the heels of her fiery single ‘‘CONSEQUENCES (THE REMIXES)’‘, the single is destined to become an essential home listening companion for those long winter nights (or the theme song for your next great love affair).

In the music video that accompanies the song ”Heart of Wax”, the dim light of a Calming Park candle accompanies her performance, reflecting a global ambiance. Pack of Cactus, Vanessa’s favorite scent from the CALMING PARK’s collection, were sent to New York for the video.”

Calming Park

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