Vanessa Daou has a dual degree in Studio Art & Art History, graduating Cum Laude from Barnard College / Columbia University. Daou's focus is on the synthesis of the Arts, streamlining methods of learning and (self) discovery through the creative process. She has studied with Illustrator Barry Moser, Poet Kenneth Koch and Choreographer Erick Hawkins.

Daou's career has been a search for creative, expressive, and personal freedom. She has been a major label recording artist for 25 years, . has released records on Columbia Records and MCA, EMI/France, with a strong background in Art and Science research. She has been featured in TIME Magazine, New York Times, Billboard Magazine, VIBE, The Wire, URB, Le Monde, La Liberation, Vogue, ELLE, Toronto Star, Mixer (cover), El Diario (Cover Arts Section), VH1, NPR, has performed at L’Olympia Theatre in France, The House of Blues and The Shrine Auditorium in LA, Lee’s Palace in Toronto, and more.

For the past several years, Daou has taken her search for freedom and expression through the creative process, and has recently received a Certificate in Social Emotional Arts from UCLA's Arts & Healing Program, as well as certification as a Home Health Aide from Partners in Care, a division of Visiting Nurse Service, NYC, in pursuit of her twin passions for Art and Research.

Daou has recently relocated to New York City, and is focused on developing her non-profit VISITING ARTISTS, beginning with her Haiku workshop, 'FIND THE WORDS'. About the workshop, Daou says, “Using the form of Haiku, I work with participants with special and/or specific needs across the generational and experiential spectrum. Haiku - with its compact structure - is the perfect format for turning memory into remembrance, fact into artifact. The aim is to facilitate the distillation of the essence of participants' experience, and work with others to tell their story.”

Vanessa Daou is a Celebrity Spokesperson for HelpingRhinos, a UK and USA based charity working to save the Rhino from extinction through strategic partnerships and vital work in the field.

Daou has given talks, lectures, and workshops at SVA (School of Visual Arts), Comfort Station Gallery, Chicago, IL, Mercer County Community College, is curator, collector, and lecturer on Vernacular Photography.


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